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|> > does anybody know how to set kernel options in menu.lst so it would
|> > mount xfs filesystem?
|> > i have another distro on an xfs partition which boots and mounts
|> > the xfs root system without even having to instruct it to do so.
|> > Whereas the slitaz-cooking i have on another xfs partition tries to
|> > mount using ext3, fat, and iso1960, can not, of course, and then
|> > gives up---"kernel panic". (i have installed the kernel module
|> > "linux-xfs" and package "xfsprogs" on it,  but without mounting the
|> > filesystem they are useless ...?)
|> Nope. The kernel does not have build in xfs driver.
|> You need to build an initrd to load xfs modules or use frugal install.
|> Any volunteer to create mkinitrd command for Slitaz ?
|No mkinitrd, not realy simple and for what ? 

i'm a noob, so wouldn't know much details about difficulties of mkinitrd,
but one good thing i noticed about xfs is that
it takes only 24 mb of space for filesystem on a 48 gig partition.
as opposed to that ext3 takes some 937 MB !!!!
these numbers are even before slitaz is installed.
(not to mention the superfast booting and general operation of xfs and the online resizing feature.)
so, keeping with the minimalist philosophy of Slitaz, i would think
that xfs is a better choice, maybe ... ?
so, if not mkinitrd, it might be worthwhile considering incorporating it in future kernel versions, maybe ... ?
then there would be no need for mkinitrd, right ... ?

|Install SliTaz on other fs
|than ext3 = xfs + reiserfs (forget it - full of blood) ?
|I would prefer to provide 2 possibilities by default and out-of-the-box
|rater than playing with initrd/pivot_root.
|> -pascal
|- Christophe
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