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> > does anybody know how to set kernel options in menu.lst so it would
> > mount xfs filesystem?
> > i have another distro on an xfs partition which boots and mounts
> > the xfs root system without even having to instruct it to do so.
> > Whereas the slitaz-cooking i have on another xfs partition tries to
> > mount using ext3, fat, and iso1960, can not, of course, and then
> > gives up---"kernel panic". (i have installed the kernel module
> > "linux-xfs" and package "xfsprogs" on it,  but without mounting the
> > filesystem they are useless ...?)
> Nope. The kernel does not have build in xfs driver.
> You need to build an initrd to load xfs modules or use frugal install.
> Any volunteer to create mkinitrd command for Slitaz ?

No mkinitrd, not realy simple and for what ? Install SliTaz on other fs
than ext3 = xfs + reiserfs (forget it - full of blood) ?

I would prefer to provide 2 possibilities by default and out-of-the-box
rater than playing with initrd/pivot_root.

> -pascal

- Christophe

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