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I tried a few times and left it about half an hour on one.  Seems to have got stuck in the same place as you but the progress bar didn't move at all from 0% and there was no hard drive activity during the half hour either. Not a crash though, the rest of the system was functional.

At a rough guess I had less than 20 additional packages installed. I was using the cooking iso mounted on /media/cdrom rather than an actual cdrom in case that's relevant.

2008/4/26 Christophe Lincoln <pankso@xxxxxxxxxx>:


> Thanks, realised it was a bit of a stupid question when I checked the
> installer and saw the Upgrade option. In the end that didn't work -
> got stuck on a message about package lists (from my basic
> understanding of French). So tried an install without formatting
> which worked and only needs a little re-configuring.

The main difference between reinstall wihtout formating and upgrade is
that upgrade should build a list of installed packages on the target
system, compare with the list of packages on the cdrom and then
reinstall missing packages. I also had a problem on a system upgrade
with more than 50 missing packages, the installer progress bar got stuck
and not all packages where reinstalled, but installation got to the end.
So, we must fixe and improve the installer.

How long did you wait ? Did you install a lot of packages from the
first install ?

- Christophe

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