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Thanks, realised it was a bit of a stupid question when I checked the installer and saw the Upgrade option. In the end that didn't work - got stuck on a message about package lists (from my basic understanding of French). So tried an install without formatting which worked and only needs a little re-configuring.

2008/4/26 Jacques Lav!gnotte <SliTaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> # rm /var/lib/tazpkg/mirror
> # echo 'cooking' > /etc/slitaz-release
> # tazpkg recharge && tazpkg upgrade

That's really good : nothing to envy to dpkg or rpm*

> If you have a cooking version, upgrade with Tazpkg, install PCmanFM,
> remove personnal configs to get the new default one and change WM to
> Openbox:
> # tazpkg recharge && tazpkg upgrade
> # tazpkg get-install pcmanfm
> $ rm -rf ~/.config/openbox
> $ rm -rf ~/.config/lxpanel
> $ tazx openbox
> Login/logout you should have the same desktop as the last LiveCD.

Did all commands up here (not sure I understant every line :)

but got no errors.

Now somethink weird : The Panel is messed and there no *Bat* on the Panel :-( only a missing picture (a small red cross)


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