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> Looks good. Is there any way to upgrade without a complete reinstall
> or installing/upgrading packages needed from the iso package list?

You want to upgrade the current stable version to cooking ? If so
(tazpkg will have a command to this one day...):

# rm /var/lib/tazpkg/mirror
# echo 'cooking' > /etc/slitaz-release
# tazpkg recharge && tazpkg upgrade

If you have a cooking version, upgrade with Tazpkg, install PCmanFM,
remove personnal configs to get the new default one and change WM to

# tazpkg recharge && tazpkg upgrade
# tazpkg get-install pcmanfm

$ rm -rf ~/.config/openbox
$ rm -rf ~/.config/lxpanel
$ tazx openbox

Login/logout you should have the same desktop as the last LiveCD. Note
that you can also upgrade with the installer, there is a function who
will reinstall all the target installed packages missing on the ISO.

- Christophe

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