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Looks good. Is there any way to upgrade without a complete reinstall or  installing/upgrading packages needed from the iso package list?

2008/4/25 Christophe Lincoln <pankso@xxxxxxxxxx>:


The Cooking ISO has been updated with all the last packages including
important one such glibc-2.7, Busybox-1.10.1 and the Kernel with wifi
support. The desktop have now icons and the backgroud managed by
PCmanFM, the window manager is Openbox and can be graphicaly configured
throught Obconf. Lua programming language is now part of the core
system. So emelFM2, JWM and PHP are out of the core.

The system is now avalaible in: English, French and Spanish. Czech
keymap is present.

This first step to the next release is focused on functionnality and
desktop usuability, so you will find a nice system information utility
named hardinfo, searchmonkey is the desktop search engine, parcellite
the clipboard manager and Freedesktop standards are respected and used
with the shared mime info.

Netbox has been improved by Pascal and all the servers can be
configured throught the new servers tab. Bootfloppybox can creat
bootable floppy, wifibox (experimental) for wireless connection. PXE
support is also now avalaible if you want to boot SliTaz from the

ISO size: 24,4 Mb -

- Christophe

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