Re: [Sawfish] sawfish-menu binary needs to be in your PATH if you install sawfish in an odd location; LD_LIBRARY_PATH might be needed as well

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Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote at 12:43 (CDT) on Thursday:
> When building Sawfish could you post your
> src/build.h
> file? It is generated for each build and should include the proper
> path to SAWFISH_EXECDIR (which is, where sawfish-menu resides in).

All looks good, I have:

#define SAWFISH_EXECDIR "/path/to/my/install/lib/sawfish"

which is the right place, and I see sawfish-menu in that spot.

*but* it's actually  /path/to/my/install/bin/ that I had to put in PATH
for things to work right in sawfish.

As mentioned, I also added 

which may have helped/been necessary.

I'm willing to play around with it more if there are specific things you
want me to try.

> Though, if you do
> "PREFIX=foo make install"

I didn't use PREFIX=foo during make install so that's moot.

   -- bkuhn

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