[Sawfish] sawfish-menu binary needs to be in your PATH if you install sawfish in an odd location; LD_LIBRARY_PATH might be needed as well (was Re: Re: is there a trick to getting the popup menu working)

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Sam <throwit1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on this list 1 year and 1 week ago:
> I'm currently [running sawfish] compiled from git (pulled 2 days ago, Aug
> 22 2012) ... [and] window rules work, viewports work, the "main" popup menu
> is not showing
.... which occurred when Sam had sawfish installed locally into his home
> /home/sam/lib/sawfish/sawfish-menu

And then Sam followed up almost exactly a year ago with:
> OK, I got this working - all the menus (root menus, window button
> menus) are showing up appropriately; BUT I have no idea WHY this is
> working...  at one of the console TTYs I ran this:
> (DISPLAY=:0.0 sawfish --replace )&
> I had been starting sawfish from inside a running X session.  [A]lso,
> putting sawfish in $HOME/.xinitrc was forcng X to exit completely with
> no meaningful error messages

Oddly, almost exactly a year after Sam was dealing with issue, I had the
exact same issue and found this thread upon searching the net for the

I have resolved the problem, and I'm posting now primarily for the
archives of this thread so others can find a solution.

The key solution is: you have be sure the
/path/to/sawfish/installed/bin/ is present in the PATH environment
variable for the environment for sawfish.

The reason --replace likely worked for Sam above is because that was
launched in such an environment.

Also, for good measure, I made sure the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
variable contained the /path/to/sawfish/installed/lib/.  I don't know if
there are problems when you fail to do this, as I did it preemptively
and haven't tested without it.

So, I'm now calling sawfish from my .xsession with:
env PATH=/path/to/sawfish/installed/bin:${PATH} LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/sawfish/installed/lib /path/to/sawfish/installed/bin/sawfish

BTW, one other thing I did, that I am unsure whether or not it had an
impact or not.  In /path/to/sawfish/installed/lib/rep/ I did a:
$ ln -s rep librep

.... because I noticed upon running strace of the sawfish-menu binary,
that there were references looking for a directory called
/path/to/sawfish/installed/lib/librep/ However, that may have been a red
   -- bkuhn

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