[Sawfish] xfce4-panel has window decoration when installing Sawfish from Git on Debian wheezy.

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I recently installed rep-gtk/librep/sawfish from the Git repositories
rather than running the version available on Debian wheezy [0].

I noticed the following behavior that does not appear in the Debian
packaged version in wheezy, but does appear when I run my version out of
my git repositories.

Namely, the xfce4-panel is framed (i.e., it has window border and title
bar decoration from sawfish).  I can easily get rid of that with the

  (set-window-type (get-window-by-name-re "xfce4-panel") 'unframed)

However, I'm quite sure this doesn't happen with sawfish in wheezy,
which is 1:1.5.3-2.1+b1.

Was a bug introduced?  Did the older sawfish have some way of
recognizing xfce4-panel was a panel and should be unframed, whereas the
new one does not?

[0] ... which I did primarily to work around the odd window resizing
    behavior found in wheezy (although Debian has fixed that by
    backporting the patch:
       http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=711846 )
   -- bkuhn

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