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Hi guys,

I'm very sad that there are rumors that project is dead. But I found in it a lot of things which is needed to me and BIG THANKS for it to authors of Sawfish.

So about the issues:

1. Cannot move, close or something else do with window if keyboard locale is not English.
2. Cannot find any suggestion how to set opacity for matching window. Windows-alpha or Native-focus-transparency is good but it's set transparent for all windows (focus or unfocus)

I'm only need to set transparent for specific window another window should have default behavior.
3. I canot find how I can in my ~/.sawfishrc define some properties for specific window match.
I use now the gui to add WindowRule but some of cases I need to specify it in .sawfishrc to have more logic except only chnaging the properties of window.

4. How I can add hook to change workspace and e.g show notify using libnotify or exec notify-send?

5. How I can get access to post bugs on Flyspray?


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