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On 02/03/13 06:45, Timo Korvola wrote:
> On 01.03.2013 12:13, fuchur wrote:
>> If i start the flash-player settings from the flash-player browser
>> plug-in i can't click anything. I also can't close the settings dialog.
>> If i run xfwm4 as windowmanager if have no problems. Any ideas?
> Nope, none.  This has been broken for a long time.  Because no top level
> windows are involved, the window manager should not make a difference,
> but it does.  Very strange.

Is this really a sawfish-only problem though? Googling for:
"flash player settings can't click"
shows that this problem pops up in a variety of environments.
I wonder what xfwm4 does to get this right. I searched through xfwm4's
commit history, but [Ff]lash is not explicitly mentioned.

The only work-around I know of (I've had this problem for years) is
using the settings manager on adobe's site:

Hope that helps,

Rafal Kolanski.

Sawfish ML

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