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On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 6:20 AM, Daniel Fetchinson
<fetchinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What made me a bit worried is that in order to compile sawfish I need
> librep and rep-gtk. But this is gtk2 I guess. And since gnome 3 uses
> (I guess) gtk3 I was worried whether I can install gtk2 alongside
> gtk3. Or this is no problem? Only gnome 3 alongside gnome 2 is
> problematic?
> Or should I just install sawfish from the fedora 17 repo which will
> automatically pull gtk2?

Gtk is independent from Gnome (but not vice versa) so that aspect is
not a problem.  You may only be able to install the "devel" packages
for either gtk2 or gtk3 and not both.  This may not be a problem for
you.  If it is, you should be able to just install one or the other
when you need them.

This is from Debian experience but I guess RH based systems should
behave similarly.

> And will MATE have these applications like gnome-power-manager,
> gnome-settings-daemon, etc? That would be the best I guess.

I've given up on Gnome, in bulk form, and moved to LXDE.  I still run
some Gnome'ish things individually and without problems.  For example,
network manager or gpointer-device-settings.


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