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On 8/19/12, Teika Kazura <teika@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Fri, 17 Aug 2012 21:44:08 +0200, Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
>> Recent linux distros typically come with gnome 3 (unfortunately).
>> If I'd like to have sawfish how would I go about it?
> On Sat, 18 Aug 2012 11:40:13 -0700, greg heil wrote:
>> Is there a readable FAQ somewhere that covers this?
> I wonder if someone could recap and post it somewhere (plain text will
> be highly appreciated), in order not to repeat this subject (and
> variants?) over and over. Currently newcomers are quite likely to give
> up Sawfish after a try. I myself can't, sorry, since I never use DEs
> nor session managers.
> Forunately Sawfish users are very kind and always many people answer
> to this question.
> Of course, new answers can refresh and improve the knowledge, and it's
> great.
> Teika (Teika kazura)

Thanks for all the replies. I realize that I didn't make my question
clear enough: on Fedora 12 (that comes with gnome 2) I run sawfish on
its own, gnome is not running and neither does any other desktop
environment not even a graphical login screen (text login is fine with
me I can type startx afterwards). But I use a couple of gnome 2
applications like network manager,  gnome-power-manager,
gnome-settings-daemon because these are useful on a laptop because I
can use the brightness buttons, volume buttons, etc.

I'd like to have the same thing with Fedora 17, run sawfish on its own
but with a few of these gnome applications.

What made me a bit worried is that in order to compile sawfish I need
librep and rep-gtk. But this is gtk2 I guess. And since gnome 3 uses
(I guess) gtk3 I was worried whether I can install gtk2 alongside
gtk3. Or this is no problem? Only gnome 3 alongside gnome 2 is

Or should I just install sawfish from the fedora 17 repo which will
automatically pull gtk2?

And will MATE have these applications like gnome-power-manager,
gnome-settings-daemon, etc? That would be the best I guess.


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