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On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 09:44:08PM +0200, Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
> If anyone managed to get sawfish on fedora 16 or fedora 17 I'd be
> happy to hear your story!

What is to "manage"?  sawfish rpm packages for Fedora
(sawfish-1.8.91-1.fc16 in repos for f16) AFAICT include
/usr/share/xsessions/sawfish.desktop file which means that you can pick
up sawfish as an "alternative" session in gdm if sawfish is installed. 
The same is true in the current "rawhide" as well (at this moment package
sawfish-1.9.0-2.fc18 in repos).  Such session by default is somewhat
"bare-bones" and it is up to you to customize it for your needs.

If you want to run sawfish and include some elements provided by Gnome
that works as well as long as a "fallback" mode is not broken too badly.
Executing there 'sawfish --replace' is not a great achievement.  That
can be arranged in a way which does not require doing that "by hand" and
how to get there it was described in the past on this list.  Search


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