Re: [pok-devel] ARINC-653 intrapartition communication compatibility

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Hi Maxim,

I do not remember that buffer can be assigned at run-time. The buffer can be created at runtime but the name is static, no? Can you send the piece of the standard that details that part?
As part of updating POK, I have no issue with that. On the other hand, POK is used with Ocarina so you should also update Ocarina as well. If you are not familiar with Ada, we can help you, the code is pretty basic and there is a lot of folks that are contributing to the project. I asume Jerome might help on that front, I can be helpful too.

But our objective would be to improve POK but also let it usable with the current toolset (i.e. do not break anything that already works).

Thanks for your e-mail, I am looking forward to see your contributions!

On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 6:26 AM, Maxim Malkov <malkov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

According to ARINC-653 standard that I happen to have at hand, POK
deviates greatly from it.
For example, it states that buffer names are to be assigned at run time,
not statically (how POK does it now).

With that said, I can contribute some patches that significantly improve
compatibility with the standard. Are you interested in them?

The problem is, external code generators like Ocarina might break, as
they're "accustomed" to working with broken buffers and other APIs. I'm
not sure that I will be able to fix that.

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