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On 20.02.2014 17:23, Julien Delange wrote:
> I do not remember that buffer can be assigned at run-time. The buffer
> can be created at runtime but the name is static, no? Can you send the
> piece of the standard that details that part?
In my copy of the standard, 653P1-3 dated November 15, 2010, there is
the following statement just under " Buffer Services":

"A buffer must be created during the partition initialization phase
before it can be used. A name is
given at buffer creation, this name is local to the partition and is not
an attribute of the partition
configuration table. "

I believe the part "not an attribute of the partition configuration
table" implies that names are not static.

The same phrase appeas in parts of the standard related to other
_intra_partition communication services.
Names of the _inter_partition services' objects, however, are static
> As part of updating POK, I have no issue with that. On the other hand,
> POK is used with Ocarina so you should also update Ocarina as well. If
> you are not familiar with Ada, we can help you, the code is pretty
> basic and there is a lot of folks that are contributing to the
> project. I asume Jerome might help on that front, I can be helpful too.
> But our objective would be to improve POK but also let it usable with
> the current toolset (i.e. do not break anything that already works).
Actually, I test POK without Ocarina or other codegeneration tools.
Moreover, I happen to have a suite of pure-ARINC-653 tests that I
"ported" to POK. I'm not sure about the terms that I got the tests on,
but I'll certainly share the tests if I'll be able to.

Maxim Malkov
Software Engineering Department, ISPRAS 

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