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Does Ocarina use the ARINC layer ? I personally think that we need to be as compatible as possible with ARINC if we want to be a bit serious about ARINC

a non-compatible ARINC implementation is useless for any ARINC prototyping anyway...


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> Hello!
> According to ARINC-653 standard that I happen to have at hand, POK
> deviates greatly from it.
> For example, it states that buffer names are to be assigned at run
> time,
> not statically (how POK does it now).
> With that said, I can contribute some patches that significantly
> improve
> compatibility with the standard. Are you interested in them?
> The problem is, external code generators like Ocarina might break, as
> they're "accustomed" to working with broken buffers and other APIs.
> I'm
> not sure that I will be able to fix that.

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