Re: [pok-devel] ARINC-653 intrapartition communication compatibility

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Hello, Julien!

On 20.02.2014 18:57, Julien Delange wrote:

> Indeed, the intra-partition ports do not have to be pre-configured. I
> did that because it was simple for me to do. If you have a patch that
> overcomes this issue, please commit. At that time, I wanted something
> that demonstrate the approach of building a partitioned system, a full
> compliance with the ARINC standard was not the primary objective. But
> if there is nice contribution to do it, I will be more than happy to
> see your any contribution!
Yes, support for naming buffers and other objects at run time is just
one of the things that I've already fixed.
> My recommendation would be to tell us what changes you need in the
> code generator. Then, Jerome or I can figure out how we can improve
> Ocarina and support your changes.
As I said, I don't use code generators, so I don't know what they could
possibly depend on. I'll outline what changes I've already made in one
of the following messages.
> Also, having other code generation tools is a great news! If you can
> share it, please reference it on the POK website! Also, a ARINC653
> test suite will be more than welcome!
I'm afraid you misunderstood me. I configure POK to run the tests
(almost) manually. And there are no other code generators that I know
of  (I just supposed there could be, in theory).
> Please let us know what you can contribute and how you can do it. On
> my end, I am willing to add you as a committer on the project and give
> you the hand on the website as well! Please let me know what you would
> like to do.
I'll post a message describing changes that I've already made tomorrow.
Maybe it will be immediately obvious what can possibly break.

Maxim Malkov
Software Engineering Department, ISPRAS 

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