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Thanks for testing!  These should now be fixed.
Yes, it is indeed fixed. One minor glitch is left, though:
The radio button for the Real Joystick stays selected when changing thorugh joysticks. Steps to reproduce:
- open Joystick dialog
- change to Joystick 1 and disable it
- change to Joypad A and enable Real Joystick
- change back to Joystick 1
=> now both radio buttons, disabled and real joystick, are selected

Could you try again with the dialog fixes?
I have, but unfortunately it still doesn't work. With the latest "default" branch version I do not manage to get Joysticks/Joypads to work. Not even when I use keyboard emulation.

I tested Joypads after changes to pad button handing and at that point
they worked fine for me, so I don't think in the actual joystick handling
there should be issues.

If you can still reproduce the issue, please give more detailed
steps to reproduce.

I have done the following tests so far:
- build Hatari 1.8.0, but with joy.c from "default" branch: everything works as expected
- build Hatari "default" branch: Joysticks/Joypads do not work anymore

So I think you are right, it is not the Joystick code. It must be something else. So now I will have to find out which version still works for me and when it broke. I am not so familiar with Mercurial. How do I get a list of changes that happened after v1.8.0?

I don't see anything that could cause this.
Sorry, that was my fault. I had tried a version with SDL2 enabled. SDL2 seems to have different keycodes. When I had saved this, the config files had weird values. When I switched back to SDL, that config was again with wrong values, of course. That confused me, but was entirely my fault.

In my above tests, I only used SDL, not SDL2, so that should not be the problem.
I am exclusively on Linux here (Arch).

Cheers, Ingo =;->

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