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Hi Eero,

Support for cursor navigation was quite a bit more work, but it's
now commited.  Space can be used to activate the focused item.
Wow, how great is that! And what a difference to other mailing lists I have been on in the past couple of years, where the usual answer to an idea of improvement is "Code it yourself" or stuff like that.
But I guess this is the Atari spirit. :-)

- joystick dialog has weird order for widgets
Yes, I noticed that, too. And maybe other problems. I have built Hatari from the default branch today and noticed the following problems:
1. Joystick Dialog
a) It looks like it is possible to select the radio button for "real joystick", but whatever was selected before, also stays selected (so two radio buttons are now active). If I save the config, it looks like it never saves the "real joystick" setting. b) Hitting "space" to activate the "Define keys" button automatically assigns the first joystick direction (up). So it is not possible to change the keys, unless I use a mouse again.
2. Joysticks
It looks like they Joysticks/JoyPads do not work at all anymore, or only sometimes. Probably this is related to the now messed up Joystick dialog, but it could also be due to the new Joystick code. Could anyone verify such behaviour? I find it hard to give reproducible steps when I dont know if something is selected or not.
3. Config File
Is there a difference in the config file code? When I switched from 1.8.0 to "default/trunk" version, sound was disabled. Also, the defined joystick buttons were not shown correctly (usually shows up, down, left, right, now showing some weird characters, but after redefining they are ok).

Anyway, thanks for those nice changes! Great to see the Hatari project is so alive :)

Cheers, Ingo =;->

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