[hatari-users] Minor Problems with Falcon Emulation

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I finally found the time to look into Hatari and use it as a Falcon emulator. I have to say, it is really awesome. I have it integrated in my HTPC in the living room and can now play those great Reservoir Gods games again. Truly awesome :)

Unfortunately, there are some minor problems:

- noisy sound (yes, I know it is in the TODO list, but what can be done to get it off that list? :-)) - Patch TOS: I use a TOS 4.04 image and auto skipping the memory test does not work. With TOS 2.06 it works just fine. Do I have a wrong ROM? Is that a known problem? - JoyPad: I have a USB GamePad plugged in which works nicely in almost all situations, except in one game: Tautology2. Hitting the fire button ends the round (doesn't crash). The in-game docs say, that hitting the "Options" button will end the current round. So I have the feeling, that somehow not only the "fire" button is triggered, but also the "Options" button. Is there a list where I can see which Real-Joystick buttons are mapped to the Joypad-Buttons? I assume that an Atari Jaguar Joypad is emulated?

Not a problem with the emulation, but a question about the F12-GUI:
Would it be possible to introduce keyboard shortcuts so that it is possible to navigate the GUI without a mouse? That would be cool.

That's it for now. Thanks in advance for your help!

Cheers, Curly060 =;->

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