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On maanantai 11 elokuu 2014, Ingo Schmidt wrote:
> > Support for cursor navigation was quite a bit more work, but it's
> > now commited.  Space can be used to activate the focused item.
> Wow, how great is that! And what a difference to other mailing lists I
> have been on in the past couple of years, where the usual answer to an
> idea of improvement is "Code it yourself" or stuff like that.
> But I guess this is the Atari spirit. :-)
> > - joystick dialog has weird order for widgets
> Yes, I noticed that, too. And maybe other problems. I have built Hatari
> from the default branch today and noticed the following problems:
> 1. Joystick Dialog
> a) It looks like it is possible to select the radio button for "real
> joystick", but whatever was selected before, also stays selected (so two
> radio buttons are now active). If I save the config, it looks like it
> never saves the "real joystick" setting.
> b) Hitting "space" to activate the "Define keys" button automatically
> assigns the first joystick direction (up). So it is not possible to
> change the keys, unless I use a mouse again.

Thanks for testing!  These should now be fixed.

> 2. Joysticks
> It looks like they Joysticks/JoyPads do not work at all anymore, or only
> sometimes. Probably this is related to the now messed up Joystick
> dialog, but it could also be due to the new Joystick code. Could anyone
> verify such behaviour? I find it hard to give reproducible steps when I
> dont know if something is selected or not.

Could you try again with the dialog fixes?

I tested Joypads after changes to pad button handing and at that point
they worked fine for me, so I don't think in the actual joystick handling
there should be issues.

If you can still reproduce the issue, please give more detailed
steps to reproduce.

> 3. Config File
> Is there a difference in the config file code?


> When I switched from 1.8.0 to "default/trunk" version, sound was disabled.
> Also, the defined joystick buttons were not shown correctly (usually shows
> up, down, left, right, now showing some weird characters, but after
> redefining they are ok).

I don't see anything that could cause this.

	- Eero

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