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Le 09/08/2014 19:07, danger240v@xxxxxxxxx a écrit :
Thanks for the extra info I will double check those titles (thanks especially for midi maze info).

If I say it doesn't work, I mean it doesn't work from the menu (in cases where it would have originally). I believe a lot of the issues are related to packing routines as some will not run alternate versions of the same disk using different packers. I do check games with 1.62 if they don't run on 1.02 or 1.04.


there's no reason an old packing routine doesn't work with Hatari while a new packing routine would work, it's just 68000 asm, so there's no relation.

But from my experience, a lot of dumpw you find on the net are broken, bad ST or MSA images. On Atari-forum, someone checked nearly all automation and pompey pirates compils, some didn't work on Hatari, but when I wrote the image on a floppy and tested it on my STF, it crashes too.

So, unless you can double check those disks on a real STF (or if it works under Steem but not Hatari), I would consider that's a bad image.


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