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On lauantai 09 elokuu 2014, Kevin Davies wrote:
> For those of you that don't know I have been busily giving Hatari 1.7 &
> 1.8 a pounding over the last months  to bring you comprehensive lists of
> how cracking crew menus perform under Hatari. These lists, as excel
> files, can be found at ""

Thanks, this must have been huge amount of work!

When something doesn't work, does it mean that it doesn't launch
(i.e. the menu or disk is broken), or that the game itself on
the disk doesn't work?

(If you give Hatari "--conout 2 --trace gemdos" arguments, you
will see when the program gets launched, so that one can see
whether issue was with menu or started program.)

> Current completed menu sets:

For MIDI (in MidiMaze) you could use Linux Hatari in a VM. :-)


AFAIK Skulldig is an STE game.  Subbuteo should have been fixed
in Hatari v1.7, it had CPU emulation issue Nicolas fixed.


AFAIK Zero-5 is an STE game.

Btw. Several of the listed broken (freeware) games work fine as
standalone, non-cracked / non-modified version, even from GEMDOS
emulated HD. I.e. they've just broken the games.

> Thats 2910 titles tested (some doublers) so far.

I'm myself maintaining EmuTOS compatibility list:

	- Eero

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