Re: [hatari-users] Minor Problems with Falcon Emulation (joypad issue)

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On sunnuntai 10 elokuu 2014, Thomas Huth wrote:
> The code for joypad A looks IMHO ok, but the code for joypad B looks a
> rather wrong ... I guess this has never been really tested...
> Does anybody know a game that supports a Jag-pad in port B and uses the
> extended buttons? (Haven't tested Tautology II yet that Ingo
> mentioned ... did somebody already try?).

One can configure T2 to use Pad B (it might have also picked player
one control method based on what Fire button is pressed).

Seems to work fine, unless both:
- T2 still interprets PAD A (also)
- Hatari PAD B stuff maps to PAD A stuff

Would be nice to have second PAD B test case.

(T2 is really nice test-case BTW. :-))

> Also, I currently do not have my USB joypad available, so I can
> currently not test this behaviour.

	- Eero

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