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On keskiviikko 11 tammikuu 2012, Chris wrote:
> I installed the 1.6.0 on an XP pro x64..
> I noticed that the application has some issues (that did not exist on the
> 1.5.0)
> when on fullscreen the screen is 'stretched' (vertical) (800x600).. 

Is 800x600 your own screen's resolution or size of the Atari resolution
your Falcon program tries to use?

Because resolution switches aren't so nice with today's OSes and
monitors[1], Hatari (by default) will now scale the screen to
the current monitor resolution instead of switching resolution.
This is done using nearest smaller integer scaling factor, both
in vertical & horizontal direction, so there may be some black

If this is what're talking about, you can either:
* set the "max zoomed win" size to something that doesn't
  stretch your favorite Atari resolution
* disable "keep desktop resolution"
from the screen dialog.

[1] Multimonitor setups, switching away from / to a fullscreen app,
    some LCD monitors being really slow in resolution switching
    (and that causing sound glitches in Hatari) and blurring caused
    by LCDs scaling algorithms.

> also choosing 'mono' monitor it just display a black screen
> I noticed this problem on a H67 Sandy Bridge (intel HD gfx) machine
> (running XP Pro 64)

As Nicolas said, that's fixed in the 1.6.1 release.

	- Eero

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