Re: [hatari-devel] Disassembler crashes if not in supervisor mode

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On 21.12.2022 19.47, Andreas Grabher wrote:
Am 21.12.2022 um 09:51 schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 11.12.2022 17.45, Andreas Grabher wrote:
I added back some of the disassembler functions to Previous. It seems that the disassembler crashes the whole application with strange error (error report fails). I think it might be related to bus error and try/catch (using longjumps in C).
The problem seems to only occur if the CPU is in user mode. I am using 68030 with MMU (run_mmu030()). Is this a known issue?

No. Never heard of such issue. Maybe it's Previous specific?

Maybe. It might only happen with functions that use try/catch. Previous uses 68030 and 68040, both with MMU.

Failing call is in DebugInfo_Default() -> Disasm().
Do you have a backtrace?

The debugger seems to not show where exactly the crash happens. It is somewhere in Disasm() and its subroutines.

If you cannot run the same program on Hatari, you could just write suitable block of memory to a file from Previous and load it in Hatari debugger, then try to run / disassemble it in Hatari, to see whether that crashes too.

Calling the disassembler with the disasm command also crashes the application.

	- Eero

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