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Hi Roger,

On 7.6.2022 22.21, Roger Burrows wrote:
On 7 Jun 2022 at 11:29, David Savinkoff wrote:
I re-read the detailed documentation and looked at the UI.


The current
documentation is really pretty accurate; perhaps the only thing I would suggest
changing is:

--compatible <bool>
Use a more compatible, but slower 68000 CPU mode with better prefetch accuracy
and cycle counting

Perhaps it should be changed to something like:

--compatible <bool>
Use a more compatible 68000 CPU mode with better prefetch accuracy and cycle
counting. Note that this will increase host CPU usage, so may reduce
performance on slow host CPUs.
But the UI is definitely open to misinterpretation (there isn't much space for
details).  Right now, it says:

Prefetch mode, slower
Cycle exact, slower

It might be clearer to say:

Prefetch mode, uses more host CPU
Cycle exact, uses more host CPU

Yes definitely better, but I think there's enough space for more accurate explanation.

Nicolas, what you would think of:
CPU emulation parameters

[x] prefetch emulation (uses more host CPU)
[x] cycle-exact / cache emulation (can use much more host CPU)
[x] MMU emulation
[x] 24-bit addressing
[x] accurate FPU emulation (uses more host CPU)

	- Eero

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