Re: [hatari-devel] MODE SENSE update patch

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> Sorry, but that sounds like a bad choice of editor, or at least wrong
> settings in your editor. Which editor are you using? All proper editors
> that I know have a way to determine the indentation type automatically from
> the source code that you're opening. I can recommend Geany
> (, it can also show tabs and spaces in a different way,
> so you can easily spot mistakes while editing the sources.

In the past for C/C++ (which I was hardly using anymore until recently) I was
using vi or emacs. Recently for C/C++ I switched to the Eclipse IDE. I have
not tried Hatari with Eclipse yet. Maybe somebody on this list knows whether
there are any issues, in particular with the build process?

> > - As already mentioned in previous postings, the process of providing
> > patches is rather complicated. Too much manual work is required, by all who
> > are involved. When providing my latest Hatari patches I noticed how much I
> > have become used to PRs and UI support to review them, like it is offered by
> > GitHub. This must be the well-known GitHub vendor lock-in ;-).
> > 
> > This is why I try to limit patches to the absolutely necessary scope.
> Sorry to hear that, but you also have to understand that it's really not
> working either to increase the burdon on the maintainers instead (so that
> they have to deal with patches that a way harder to review and debug later).

I agree with that, but IMO a part of the burden is caused by not using
platforms like GitHub, which make collaboration easier, even though they
are not a solution for everything, as we have seen in this thread.
Nevertheless having more transparency, so that you can easily get an overview
on open issues, active feature branches, PRs, items to be addressed before
the next release etc. would be nice. 

Best regards


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