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Why don't you guys use Andreas' code. It is well documented and willingly provided?

On Sat, Mar 19, 2022 at 10:26 AM Andreas Grabher <andreas_g86@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Am 19.03.2022 um 17:55 schrieb Uwe Seimet <Uwe.Seimet@xxxxxxxxx>:

Hi Thomas,

This patch updates mode page 0x3f to return all available pages in the order
requested by the SCSI specification (i.e. page 0 last).

IMO the implementation of mode page 0x04 is wrong. It is definitely incomplete
because it ignores some CDB data.

Looks like it had been added by you some years ago:

:-) Looks as if there is still room for improvements. I guess I just copied
the code for page 0x00, which is the only page that does not require the
header if I understand the SCSI specification correctly.

If there are no objections I might fix some of these issues with a
subsequent patch.

... so sure, if you now think that there's a bug in there, please just go
ahead and fix it! :-)

At least my latest patch fixes the missing header bug. Regarding the DBD bit
(the ignored CDB data) I do not intend to provide a fix, because it is less
relevant and ASV does not need it. And because, but please don't feel
offended, providing patches for Hatari is not really fun, at least for me,

- All my editor configurations use spaces instead of tabs, and just for
Hatari I have to be extra careful to use tabs. I don't think that tabs are
used consistently in the Hatari sources anyway.
- As already mentioned in previous postings, the process of providing
patches is rather complicated. Too much manual work is required, by all who
are involved. When providing my latest Hatari patches I noticed how much I
have become used to PRs and UI support to review them, like it is offered by
GitHub. This must be the well-known GitHub vendor lock-in ;-).

This is why I try to limit patches to the absolutely necessary scope.

Best regards


I know my messages are ignored here. Anyway another try: Previous emulates MODE SENSE, including the DBD bit. Everything tested for years now. No need to re-invent anything.

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