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> > Yes, you are right. I was not aware of the distinction between the summary
> > line and the body. I usually place the details in the PR, and keep the PR
> > (initially a draft) up to date. github automatically adds a reference to
> > the respective PR to the final commit message, so that you have the full
> > context, including any discussions in the PR. Of course, anything that is in
> > the PR is not available in your local repository, because the commit message
> > just contains the PR ID. So there is a dependency on github if you want to
> > know the whole story.
> Now that's IMHO quite bad. If you ever want to move your repository to
> another provider, you're losing precious information of the history. Thus
> everything related to the description of a commit should ultimately go into
> the commit description, not (only) into the PR description.

At least I *think* that this information is lost. Maybe there is more git
functionality I am not aware of, and information from the PR is somehow added
to the commit message.

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