Re: [hatari-devel] Git commits (was: HDC code update patch)

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Uwe Seimet schrieb:

Using github or gitlab would help with this, and it would also make the
current status, the road to the next release, and the PRs involved more
transparent. And you can create tickets and follow their progress, which is
much more convenient than reporting bugs by email.
The more I write, the more I notice how many useful features I am missing ;-).

I'll let the Hatari maintainers speak for themselves w.r.t. to such a
migration. As a user (and sometimes contributor), I would indeed not
mind if they moved to GitHub, GitLab, etc. [1] because there are other
things that I don't particularly like about the web interface at

However, for contributions I don't see much of a difference between
doing a few clicks to start a PR on GitHub et al. vs. doing a few clicks
to attached readily formatted patches to an email sent to the list. But
I'm fully aware that this is largely a matter of personal taste. In the
end, it should be the workflow the maintainers and the majority of
contributors feels the most comfortable with.

git simply has too many options ;-).

Here I could not agree more. Unfortunately, git (the command line
client, not the system itself) is not exactly a prime example of a
well-architected SW.


[1] Even though moving to a more "commercial" service has its risks.
FreeMiNT and EmuTOS maintainers might remember the Travis CI debacle.
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