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On 23.11.2021 19.35, Thorsten Otto wrote:
On Dienstag, 23. November 2021 18:14:12 CET Eero Tamminen wrote:
Or do you mean accepting also numerical values
in addition to the 2-letter country codes,
which would not be checked against the list?

No, i just meant you should just support all known language codes, because
some day they may appear also in emutos. Accepting numerical values may also
be an option, but i doubt that any user knows the correct values ;)

Later on I'll try to add support for those layouts to Hatari symbolic key mapping, so I'm not going to add items to the list that do not currently have known & stable Atari keyboard layout (which could be used in Hatari).

Numeric code support I could add for debugging new language codes though...

Is there somewhere already a list of additional
TOS country codes,

For example here

MiNT seems to support even fewer keyboard layouts than EmuTOS:

or here

Btw. According to Wikipedia, "SG" is ISO country
code for Singapore, not Switzerland.  Maybe you
could consider using in Aranym code CH_DE &
CH_FR defines for clarity?

As to Mexico, I would think existing language / keyboard support to cover it better (than country code that AFAIK neither TOS nor MiNT supports):

However i'm not sure who made up the asian languages, those do not make much
sense without appropiate fonts, and support for right-to-left text writing.

Yeah. Right-to-left language are mainly in middle east, whereas ones to east of those, would need support (input method) for composing characters from multiple glyphs.

And then there are the languages where the text is supposed to be vertical, basic charset is composed of thousands of glyphs, with each glyph needing double the pixels compared to current Atari ones to be distinct enough, and full font taking more ROM space than whole EmuTOS...

IMHO all of those are better left for more powerful computers to deal with.

Btw. Any idea how the keyboard layouts for those languages work / look like?

	- Eero

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