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After looking into improving symbolic key mapping, I started to think that Hatari should first have options for selecting which keyboard mapping TOS uses.

Aranym already has options for this:
  -k, --locale <XY>               set NVRAM keyboard layout and language

But I thought it better to allow users to select both language & kbd layout separately. See attached patch.

Its output looks like this:
$ hatari -h
  --layout <x>          Set (TT/Falcon) NVRAM keyboard layout value
  --language <x>        Set (TT/Falcon) NVRAM language value
$ ./src/hatari --layout foo
Invalid keyboard layout code 'foo'!

Valid ones are:
- us : USA
- de : Germany
- fr : France
- uk : United Kingdom
- es : Spain
- it : Italy
- se : Sweden
- ch_fr : Switzerland (French)
- ch_de : Switzerland (German)
- tr : Turkey
- fi : Finland
- no : Norway
- dk : Denmark
- sa : Saudi Arabia
- nl : Holland
- cs : Czech Republic
- hu : Hungary
- ru : Russia
- gr : Greece
- all : Multilanguage

This works nicely with latest EmuTOS 1024k version (one that supports all languages).

What languages and keyboards TOS v4 supports?

And is there multi-language version of TOS v3?

I was thinking that when there's no NVRAM, but TOS is multilanguage one (e.g. EmuTOS 1024k on ST), I could just set the language to TOS image in ROM.

Any comments on that or the patches?

	- Eero

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