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On 10.9.2021 8.45, Miro Kropáček wrote:
I'm sorry, I still haven't gotten into testing this. If the results are
less than encouraging, perhaps this can't be solved by a simple patch. If I
were implementing this, I would certainly try to cheat a little -- for
instance, there's a pretty big probability that the past N instructions are
located "above" current PC. So I would take the closest one to the top of
the screen border and go with disassembly from there (naturally, showing
only the portion which fits into the screen).

If it was a long jump directly onto the breakpoint then this wont work but
maybe the approach above will flip the statistics from "more often than
not". :) I'm sure there are other heuristics to take into account, this was
just the first thing which came into my mind.

Attached updated patch set will support these
new features also for DSP, and uses execution
history to get a valid address from which to
start disassembly.

I.e. the disassembly output should always be
valid, but whether you get any disassembly before
PC, depends on whether they were in history.

If there's none, it means that they were not
executed, so those instructions are unlikely
to be that interesting.

=> I think this is fairly OK compromise for
   getting always correct disassembly.

	- Eero

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