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I've now tested these a bit myself.

On 6.9.2021 23.14, Eero Tamminen wrote:
Attached patch set implements:
* repeating "step" & "next" commands
* Marking PC address in disassembly output

These seem working fine.

* debugger config option for disassembly offset

When using fixed offset from PC (say "pc-16"),
instruction at PC was incorrect in disassembly
more often than not.

(This was easy to test with my patch in the other
mail that allows setting breakpoint for every
debug symbol address.)

Therefore Miro, this is definitely not a feature
to be enabled by default, although it has worked
well enough for you.  I'm not sure it's even
worth pushing to Hatari repo. :-(

Please test.

Nicolas, as you probably use the related
debugger features more that I, maybe you could
also comment on them?


	- Eero

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