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Le 21/05/2021 à 00:27, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

I thought about that, but then the values would
need to be changed accordingly, *every* time one
adds new trace define.

Generating the trace mask values solves that, but
I couldn't get it work as well with CMake as I would have liked, and currently requires AWK
(so for Windows, the generated file probably
needs to be in git too).

See attached patch.   Comments?

(One difference to user visible names is that
defines have OS_ prefix for OS call trace options
so they get all sorted together, unlike the user
visible names which don't have a prefix...)


I'd rather not have an external script to sort some part of the code (+ it can make it difficult do to compilation for other OS where awk is not standard for example). Let's keep it sorted manually in log.h and we can adjust it from time to time if we add too much defines (the list is not that long anyway to make it hard to read at the moment in log.h)


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