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Christian Zietz writes:
Francois LE COAT schrieb:
and Hatari v.2.3.1 is booting correctly, including GEMDOS drive. There's
no issue about booting EmuTOS, at all.

Thank you for retesting and clarifying this!

BTW, you mentioned another issue in a previous post: EmuTOS 1.0 and
1.0.1 take a while to boot on Hatari's 2.3.x Falcon emulation when no
IDE hard disk image is attached. This was due to a change in IDE
emulation in Hatari. However, the latest EmuTOS snapshots have a
significantly reduced IDE timeout in this case to speed up booting:

I talked with Vincent Rivière about my issue having a FPU with
a Falcon030 configuration, and Hatari v.2.3.0. He answered me
there was also an issue booting EmuTOS 1.0.0, and a 4Mb Falcon,
but that it was different issues that must be solved both.

Now with Hatari v.2.3.1 and EmuTOS 1.0.1, both issues are solved.
EmuTOS 1.0.1 boots quickly, and the Falcon030 may have a FPU. That
means Vincent corrected EmuTOS, and Jérôme Vernet the macOS version
of Hatari. It seems some issues can affect only the macOS version ...

I would report if I found one of those. But all is good for now :-)

Best regards,

François LE COAT
Author of Eureka 2.12 (2D Graph Describer, 3D Modeller)

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