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Francois LE COAT schrieb:

But I noticed another issue with EmuTOS 1.0.1. The Falcon030 is
booting very slowly, and the hostfs (the Macintosh drive C:) is
no longer recognized with Hatari v.2.3.1. Only A: and B: floppies
are mounted. So Hatari doesn't boot regularly with EmuTOS 1.0.1.
Only EmuTOS 1.0.0 recognize the hostfs, and boots correctly ...

If by "hostfs" you mean the GEMDOS drive, I'm sorry, but this cannot be
confirmed. See the attached screenshots of Hatari 2.3.1 (albeit on
Windows) running EmuTOS 1.0 and 1.0.1. The GEMDOS drive is recognized in
both cases. Please provide your Hatari configuration for further

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