[hatari-devel] Falcon demos tests : part 1

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Here is the first part of the falcon demos test:

All tests done by default in RGB, prefetch, cycle exact and MMU ENABLED.

zero three zero : Crash with MMU enabled. Works otherwise (prefetch + cycle exact ON)

Motion : no change

The keff demo : display the tunnel and freeze (MMU enabled) without bus error message.
Without MMU : same as previous but displays the bus error message

EX. Illusion : MMU + cycles exact + prefetch = perfect sound and perfect demo

Avena DC enraged : videl resolution problem in some effects otherwise it works.   There's a 40 seconds freeze (black screen) before the 3D world, but it appears well after that and the demo runs to the end. (MMU + prefetch + cycle exact ON)   There's a long white screen later and then a buggy videl effect and 2 bombs.
  The demo seems to run longer than before.

Sonoluminescenz : Seems to run well with MMU + CE + Prefetch. The beginning runs too fast (no synchro with VBL ?) and there's a long resynch time, but the demo runs well otherwise

collapse sidetracked : with or without MMU enabled : 4 bombs.

Bound 2 : works well (MMU + CE + prefetch) ==> better than before

Bound 4 :  freeze at dolphins screen same as before

Bound 5 : no evolution

DNT crew agony : seems to work (a few graphical videl transitions not quite good).
DNT crew Chaos AD : sound is still noisy. No change.

EKO Systems:  perfectly works (except a little transition in the betty boo image).       Music plays well until the 3D scifi scene and plays well again in the tridi world.

EKO epidemic music disk : no change

underscore demo : no change

Hmmm demo : better than before (runs with MMU  + cycle exact + prefetch) (not tested to the end)

I'll continue tomorrow (it takes time to watch the demos, but it's fun ;)


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