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On 10/6/20 12:57 AM, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
Here is the first part of the falcon demos test:

All tests done by default in RGB, prefetch, cycle exact and MMU ENABLED.

zero three zero : Crash with MMU enabled. Works otherwise (prefetch + cycle exact ON)

Verified to work with EmuTOS too.

Motion : no change

"Torus" works now fine.

Only "Susie" doesn't work, it's now stuck
executing these instructions:
  $00016690 : btst   #0,$fffffc00.w    50.00%
  $00016696 : beq.s  $16690            50.00%

Nicolas, any ideas what could be the problem?

The keff demo : display the tunnel and freeze (MMU enabled) without bus error message.
Without MMU : same as previous but displays the bus error message

Works fine for me with or without MMU.

(Using "--fast-boot on" and "--dsp none" for faster run-time.)

Can you retry?

EX. Illusion : MMU + cycles exact + prefetch = perfect sound and perfect demo

Avena DC enraged : videl resolution problem in some effects otherwise it works.   There's a 40 seconds freeze (black screen) before the 3D world, but it appears well after that and the demo runs to the end. (MMU + prefetch + cycle exact ON)   There's a long white screen later and then a buggy videl effect and 2 bombs.   The demo seems to run longer than before. Sonoluminescenz : Seems to run well with MMU + CE + Prefetch. The beginning runs too fast (no synchro with VBL ?) and there's a long resynch time, but the demo runs well otherwise


(Enraged doesn't work with EmuTOS.)

collapse sidetracked : with or without MMU enabled : 4 bombs.

Verified.  It works with Hatari v2.2.0, but
doesn't work with Git version.

Laurent, would you have time to bisect which commit after 2.2.0 regressed it?

Btw. This is pretty interesting case.  Screen
clearing before updates works properly only with
EmuTOS, whereas with EmuTOS the sound breaks
awfully when it renders text on screen.

Bound 2 : works well (MMU + CE + prefetch) ==> better than before

Bound 4 :  freeze at dolphins screen same as before

Bound 5 : no evolution

Verified, but "Bound" (uses no DSP) seems to have
also regressed, I get now only a black screen.

Do you get same?

DNT crew agony : seems to work (a few graphical videl transitions not quite good).
DNT crew Chaos AD : sound is still noisy. No change.


EKO Systems:  perfectly works (except a little transition in the betty boo image).       Music plays well until the 3D scifi scene and plays well again in the tridi world.

EKO epidemic music disk : no change

underscore demo : no change

Hmmm demo : better than before (runs with MMU  + cycle exact + prefetch) (not tested to the end)

I'll check these later on.

I'll continue tomorrow (it takes time to watch the demos, but it's fun ;)

	- Eero

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