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Le 25/05/2020 à 16:32, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

NOTE: I tested the 0xFFFF820A register value
with a breakpoint, and that can be there much
before screen looks correct. Therefore I think
something like VBL wait would be more robust.

You can actually do the whole thing with
the debugger, now that I added "screenshot"
command to it:
     $hatari --parse debug.ini ...

----------- debugger.ini -----------
# parse screenshot.ini after 400 VBLs

breakpoint VBL > 400 :trace :file screenshot.ini


might depend on the command line, but hatari could take more than 400 VBL (8 sec) to boot too.

Maybe the safest way would be to write a 32 bit value at a safe RAM location when the program starts doing fullscreen, then have a breakpoint that waits for this specific value.

For example $200 is part of "user defined interrupt vector" and should not be used by the OS in the case of this test (I'm not sure it's ever use by the OS in fact ?)

So, write for example 0x12348765 to $200 when fullscreen is ready, then have a breakpoint that waits for ($200).l = $12348765


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