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On 5/8/20 10:38 PM, Steven Tattersall wrote:
It sounds like the best approach is for me to work on simply getting a
basic remote-debug process working, with a sensible protocol that can be
extended (I've found the gdb spec helpful as a guide), then present that as
a patch.

Yes, it's a good to have spec at start, and
free-for-all discussion of what and how things
should be done. :-)

I did conditional breakpoints based on discussion
about requirements, mostly with Nicolas.  Options
were added later on one-by-one and it shows.

For basic profiler functionality I had a good
picture of what I want it to do.  Large part
of later, more complex features were required
for profiling CPU & DSP usage in Bad Mood, either
by me or Douglas.  Douglas had also good idea
what he'd like me to do for it.

I'm happy with how the profiler turned out,
especially when I found out that I could easily
use it to get backtraces too.

I think rest of the debugger has grown organically little by little, and as a result, it is crusty...

Currently I am using the existing control sockets as the input feed; there
might be a couple of things I need to add there to prevent commands being
lost when Control_CheckUpdates() exits, but it sounds better than adding a
new socket at the moment.

In terms of the GUI framework, I'm still using the Python Gtk code as my
testbed to make sure the concept works. If the debug process is solid, it
shouldn't matter too much what GUI/language framework is used. I'm sure we
all have our preferences.

Is there some language / toolkit that you would
prefer for debugger GUI (over Python / Gtk)?

I'm not fixated on debugger GUI being part of
the Hatari Python GUI...

The patch might take a while for me to get to a stage where I'm happy, so
don't be surprised if I "go dark" for a bit.

If you have something that works to some extent
and approximately does what you want, feel free to
send it to list for comments even if you aren't
yet happy with it.

	- Eero

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