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On 5/6/20 10:37 PM, Steven Tattersall wrote:
Hello splendid Hatari developers,
I was wondering what the current plans are for Hatari are in terms of the
graphical debugger UI. The existing hatari-ui python debugging UI doesn't
appear to have changed much recently. I also suspect it isn't used very
much, given that it doesn't offer services like single-step.
I have masses else on my todo list, but I might be able to offer some free
cycles to work on this, because there are some exciting possibilities if it
works, (plus I've had a bit of experience making debugging tools in my day

To understand what's there already, I did some messing about, based on
making small modifications to the existing python plus control.c and
debugui.c, to get single-stepping and batched queries. But it's strictly a
learning prototype and I don't want to tread any one's toes. (I know there
was some discussion of using SDL2 for visualisation windows on atari-forum,
for example)

I have no plans on extending current Python UI
this year, except maybe adding support for some
Hatari configuration options that it doesn't
support yet (are there any config options you

Doing UI debugger from a separate process is
clumsy enough that I've kind of given up on
the Python one.

But if you have ideas on how to improve and make
it more useful, I'm very interested to see your
patches.  Please send them to list for comments!

	- Eero

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