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Hello splendid Hatari developers,

I was wondering what the current plans are for Hatari are in terms of the graphical debugger UI. The existing hatari-ui python debugging UI doesn't appear to have changed much recently. I also suspect it isn't used very much, given that it doesn't offer services like single-step.

I have masses else on my todo list, but I might be able to offer some free cycles to work on this, because there are some exciting possibilities if it works, (plus I've had a bit of experience making debugging tools in my day job.)

To understand what's there already, I did some messing about, based on making small modifications to the existing python plus control.c and debugui.c, to get single-stepping and batched queries. But it's strictly a learning prototype and I don't want to tread any one's toes. (I know there was some discussion of using SDL2 for visualisation windows on atari-forum, for example)

Steve (Tat)

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