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On 03/03/2020 at 07:25, Thomas Huth wrote:
I don't think that modifying RenderQuality automatically is such a good
idea here. That will only cause confusion e.g. when the users have a
look at their hatari.cfg afterwards and wonder why the setting was

I agree, options automatically changing each other is confusing.

I'd say, don't touch RenderQuality here, and if someone minds the
"horrible" scaling (it's a matter of taste anyway), they should change
the RenderQuality setting manually instead.

What matters here is the ability to scale to integer coefficients, while keeping pixels perfectly full and square. I mean scale x1, x2, x3... which will always produce a perfectly crisp image (what I expect).

A second and different use case is to be able to open the Hatari window to a predefined dimension, such as 800x600. In that case the select scaling method will matter. And personally, in the case of non-integer coefficient, I prefer linear scaling.

Vincent Rivière

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