Re: [hatari-devel] TT emulation crashes when there is no ACSI drive

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On 8/6/19 7:15 PM, Christian Zietz wrote:
Eero Tamminen schrieb:

If you look at the cartridge code in my mail, stack pointer is first
moved to a0, and after saving a6 to stack, a0 is moved into a6, then
the extra subroutines are called, after which comes the failing
          clr.l   2(a6)

But still I don't see how $23000000 could end up in A6.

Oh, you mean that a0 i.e. stack pointer needs to have been corrupted
before cartridge code gets called.  I.e. TOS has corrupted it somehow,
or Uwe has some other program in AUTO which Pexec's NF_SCSI.PRG with
corrupted stack pointer?

(Sorry, I'm very rusty on asm, as I haven't written much of it myself
even back in 90's.)

The place where bus error happens, is during program loading, not
its execution.  So NF SCSI shouldn't actually be needed to reproduce
this, *if* the crash actually happens at NF_SCSI.PRG loading.

OK. I tested with a current Hatari Windows build from,
Uwe's config file, TOS 3.06, and NF_SCSI.PRG (from Uwe's web page) in
the AUTO folder. No crash! (Of course, after loading, NF_SCSI.PRG
complains that the Natfeats SCSI feature is not available and terminates

	- Eero

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