Re: [hatari-devel] TT emulation crashes when there is no ACSI drive

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I only now took a closer look where things are failing:
Bus Error writing at address $23000002, PC=$fa005c addr_e3=fa005c op_e3=42ae

Write address is around 560MB i.e. bogus memory address.

And code address is at the very beginning of the Hatari cartridge
Pexec code:
        move    usp,a0          ; Parameters on user stack pointer?
btst #5,(sp) ; Check if program was in user or supervisor mode
        beq.s   p_ok
        lea     6(sp),a0        ; Parameters are on SSP
        tst.w   _longframe.w    ; Do we use a CPU > 68000?
        beq.s   p_ok            ; No: A0 is OK
addq #2,a0 ; Skip 2 additional stack frame bytes on CPUs >= 68010
        addq    #2,a0           ; Skip GEMDOS function number
        tst             (a0)            ; Test pexec mode
        bne.s   no_0

        ; Simulate pexec mode 0
        move.l  a6,-(sp)
        move.l  a0,a6
        bsr.s   find_prog
        bsr     load_n_reloc
        clr.l   2(a6)            <==== *** HERE ****
        clr.l   10(a6)
        move.l  d0,6(a6)

        move.w  #48,-(sp)       ; Sversion: get GEMDOS version
        trap    #1              ; call GEMDOS

This part of code and find_prog haven't changed in 14-18 years,
but there's some code later on that's from 2015.  Header flag check
and memory clearing at end of load_n_reloc is from 2019-06 though.

It seems like either a6 got overwritten load_n_reloc, or it
somehow cause stack area pointed by a6 to be overwritten.  Or
TOS gives "bad" data for Pexec() during AUTO/ in your case,
when TT-RAM is present (which I can't reproduce).

=> Uwe, are there any other programs in AUTO folder?  If yes,
do you get the issue also if only NF_SCSI.PRG is in AUTO?

Thomas, any comments?

To recap the currently provided info:

* NF scsidrv client fails, but only when run from AUTO folder,
  with TT-RAM enabled and ACSI disabled.  Client program doesn't
  crash when run from desktop, TT-RAM is disabled, or ACSI drive

* So far Uwe has tested only with TT emulation + TOS v3 + GEMDOS HD +
  CPU prefetch & cycle-exact disabled, with no MMU.  He hasn't tested
  with MMU, floppy, other HW/TOS versions or with compatible CPU

* Program works with Hatari 2.2.1, but not with some unknown
  later Hatari Git version Uwe is using

* Because issue happens in cartridge Pexec code, it should be
  reproducible without NF SCSIDRV.  However, as I can't reproduce
  it, so there's some other factor that Uwe hasn't told yet

	- Eero

PS. IMHO minimum info provided in these kind of cases should be output
from "--trace os_base", so that one at least seems what is being
run in which order and at which point the problem happens.

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