[hatari-devel] Re: Which EmuTOS TOS image should be shipped with Hatari, and with what name?

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On 3/10/19 12:39 AM, Roger Burrows wrote:
On 9 Mar 2019 at 7:41, Vincent Rivière wrote:
And I don't like the fact that Hatari distributes the EmuTOS ROM under the
name "tos.img", that's totally confusing.

I agree with that.  Since Hatari is distributing EmuTOS to provide a
fully-functioning Atari environment without infringing on copyrights, it would
be less confusing to use the same name as the official EmuTOS distribution.

I agree on principle, but then Hatari should *by default* search for
TOS image named as "etos512k.img", instead of "tos.img".

Nicolas, any comments on that?

NOTE: This came from the observation that while 192k EmuTOS image is
nowadays quite compatible with old ST/STE games & demos, 512k image is
not as compatible with them because it uses more RAM. What's worse, nothing tells user which EmuTOS variant he's using, when it's renamed
as "tos.img".

(I think we should still ship 512k variant because it has best HW compatibility.)

If someone wants to use an Atari TOS image instead, they're going to have to
rename it (or modify hatari.cfg) anyway.

They just point Hatari to the new TOS image.

	- Eero

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