[hatari-devel] EmuTOS and Hatari mentioned on "Mac & i" magazine website

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German publisher Heise (probably best know for their long-standing c't
magazine) also has an Apple-centric magazine called "Mac & i" (sic). On
their website, they have an article reviewing emulators for retro
computer available on the Mac:
I don't know whether that article also appears in a printed edition of
the magazine.

Anyway, Hatari (of course) and also EmuTOS get a mention; although in
the latter case it's a rather unfriendly one: "EmuTOS, a legal variant
of the Atari software, only has a very limited compatibility with
respect to games." :-( I wonder what they tested.

As for Hatari, they criticize that there is no way to save a default
configuration. Isn't there really one, on a Mac? On Linux and Windows,
Hatari will of course load "hatari.cfg" from the respective directory at


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